Why you should buy this domain? If you are in the business of offering Retail ERP software, related, products or services then you have to own this. Many companies and brands own descriptive category defining domain names because it immediately gives them instant credibility in that category, product, or service in the eyes of customers and consumers of that product or service. It also serves to prevent competitors from owning such advantage. There is little surprise then that,,,, are owned by 1800 Contacts, 1800 Flowers, A&W, Citibank, and Clorox respectively. These are only a few of hundreds of examples. Maybe they are on to something, don't you think?

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What is ERP? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning

What is ERP software? ERP software is a computer software suite that connects and coordinates all aspects and functions of an enterprise together. These aspects and functions include, resources, information, and data. ERP management software facilitates this coordination.

What is Retail ERP?

Retail ERP refers to ERP software focused on Retail companies. The different functions that a Retail ERP software coordinates are typically geared towards Retail companies. These usually include, inventory, accounting, billing, supply chain and point of sale for example. A retail ERP software should be able to manage all those functions from one place.


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